Staff Solutions

Our staffing solutions are customized to the Company, Team, Manager and technical skills needed to make an immediate impact and get results!  That means there is no one size fits all or order from the menu options.  However, based on our experience we can provide some general arrangements that often result in success right out of the box.

Staffing Delivery Models


Our service delivery methods include both virtual and on-site support services.  Many firms have gone to a paperless or near paperless environment and have limited workspace environments.  However, with our virtual work arrangements we can provide the same or better results by setting up an arrangement where work is completed remotely either using a VPN, Internet Based Accounting Platforms, Remote Desktop or other similar virtual network solutions.

We also provide traditional On-Site solutions providing you the staff you need to integrate into your team within your office environment.

Regardless of the service delivery model that works for your organization, we have several service options that are flexible and can be customized to meet your staffing gaps.


On-Call Support Resources

Traditional staffing firms rely on candidate searches to fill temporary staffing needs, CPA Staff Support has an active pool of consultants who work continuously on projects for the firm’s clients, and can be deployed within 24 hours to meet:

  • Sudden staffing departure
  • Need for specific technical expertise (i.e. valuation, revenue recognition, sales & use tax, etc.)
  • Staffing for large short-term opportunities
  • Sickness or leave of absence challenges
  • Other short to intermediate term staffing needs

Our advantage rests in our ability to quickly deploy a cost effective, vetted and experienced solution to make an immediate impact, and assist your team either remotely or at your place of business.


Interim Staff Solutions

Making the right hire is more important than making a quick hire in the long term.  In order to ease the pressure on making a quick hiring decision we supply interim staff solutions which last from a few weeks up to a year in duration to help our clients make the right hire the first time.  We can also structure Interim Staff Solutions as a temp-to-hire opportunity to provide our clients a trial run with a candidate to make sure the fit is right with minimal risk.



Growing firms and firms managing a fluctuating workload often have a need for specific technical skills or do not currently have the workflow to justify a full time hire to meet their current needs.  CPA Staff Solutions can help to fill the gap with our team who can step in for a couple days a month, during a peak seasonal work flow or continuously at planned number of hours per week.

Our flexible staffing arrangements allow us to be able to help you fill that need in a timely manner and at a cost effective rate to maintain peak profitability in your practice.


Permanent Staff Placement

We can also leverage our thorough testing, interview, background screening and soft skills assessment process to identify and place the best staff for your organization.  Our Principals have extensive experience in both public accounting and corporate accounting environments and through both objective measures and professional judgement we can give you the resources to make the best hire for your organization.

While we identify, screen and help to select your best hire we can also supply some of our On-Call Staffing or Interim Staffing resources to help you to bridge the gap between hires.

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